Today’s an enormous day in our family. ENORMOUS. After seven years. Count that. SEVEN. YEARS. Sean is graduating from his general surgery residency program.

And you guys, he’s not quite done yet.

So after four years of undergrad. Four years of medical school. He is finally on his last day of seven years of residency. Today. Today is his last day of residency. (HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!!) In some ways, it’s flown by so quickly. Over the last seven years, Sean has grown as a human being, a husband, a father, a surgeon, a researcher, a presenter, and an author (Sean will be embarrassed, but I don’t care. Go ahead and search his name on Those aren’t even all of his publications.). Over the last seven years we have been challenged – a lot – but we have managed to come away with more insight and love for each other, our girls, and our world.
I remember when we started on this medical journey 11 years ago at Rush University. The end seemed like a lifetime away – some of the best parts for me have been watching him fall deeper in love with this field. I’ve heard his stories, watched him agonize over very sick patients. I’ve seen him study countless hours – for exams and procedures. Many people have asked, why surgery? Sean always says – because he wants to be there for patients when they need it most. And he is. He is there. I can tell you that – he sleeps, eats, drinks very little so he can be there. There are big and small sacrifices he makes so he can be there. Even our small little family makes sacrifices so he can be present for his patients. There are times when it’s hard. It’s hard to see our girls sad when we’re on day four of not seeing daddy this week because he’s left before the sun and come home after they’ve fallen asleep – even after they’ve tried to stay awake to catch a glimpse of him.
The sacrifices can be big but the celebrations are big too. The days Sean gets home at least one hour before bedtime – those are the best days. Those nights are reserved for a quick dinner and then an hour of princess make believe playtime. If you didn’t know, Sean makes a really pretty princess – probably how the girls got their adorableness. The girls cling to their dad and scream and belly laugh in joy.
So, today. Today’s a big day. It’s the culmination of all the sacrifices we’ve made. It’s the celebration of failings and accomplishments. It’s a sign that we’ve made it. We persevered. We endured. And we did it together.
In two days we start our long road trip to our new home in California. For the most part, we are pretty excited for this move. We’ve been planning for this move for over a year. We finally found a home that we think will work really well for our family. And seriously, we’ve been living out of one suitcase each for the last month and with our parents (WHO HAVE BEEN AMAZING) so we’re ready for bit of permanency.
So even though tonight is residency graduation, we’re not done yet. Seriously. Two more years of thoracic surgery fellowship. This guy. Overachiever is what that is. But he promises that after these next two years he will officially have a real job (haha, he hates when I tell him he’s never had a “real job”). I love him so. And I am so incredibly proud of him.