I run this city

It’s my birthday and I turn 34 today. Age is just a number and has never really meant much to me. A year seems to go by faster the older you get though.

This year has been so full. Full of good. Full of love. Full of joy. Full of accomplishments. Full. But life isn’t life if it’s not also full of disappointment and frustration.

The world keeps turning; sometimes in directions I don’t understand. But it keeps going. And I do what I do to make my way around the sun.

IMG_5280 2.JPGI went for a run outside this afternoon hoping to beat the next round of showers. Once I got going along the lakefront path, I just didn’t want to stop – so I kept going. These streets. I’ve been running this lakefront path for 11 years. It has been my sanctuary. It’s felt my tears and my triumph. I have swam along the lakeshore, I have biked on the path, and I’ve run these streets. I have fallen, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed. I have met and made new friends. I have been scared of failure, I’ve limped my way home. I have prayed. I have crossed start and finish lines. I have raised thousands of dollars for causes I am deeply passionate about. I’ve watched the sun rise and the sun set along this path. I’ve been alone and I’ve been one of thousands. I’ve stood in awe of the beauty and juxtaposition of nature and city. I have made commitments here. I have walked this path with my family. Friends. Sean. My girls. I have reached goals here. I have been proud of myself here. This lakefront path. It has been my sanctuary.

IMG_5276 2.JPGWe are officially less than 100 days out from residency graduation. It’s no secret that I am excited. I am ready¬†for Sean to be done with this residency journey (7 years, yo.). I am ready to start new adventures. But the things I will miss are many. Among them is this lakefront path. Seems silly, but through all of the changes in the last 11 years – from newly married, fresh graduate school degree, new jobs, new houses, having babies, new churches, new friends. This path has consistently been a part of my life. It has never judged me – never judged my mismatched outfits, my too old shoes, my slowness, my pregnancies, my un-showered being. It has never judged my thoughts or my points of view. It has only welcomed my tired legs to pound out the miles and gain new perspective. It has only provided a safe space for me to be me. And I will forever remember the literal blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed along this path.