Documenting Life:

July 20, 2014

7:18:41 is a really long time to think about stuff – to think about everything.

There’s a lot of self-talk – a lot of repeating what your coaches and friends have calmly told you, “long and strong” (Thanks to Joe who calmed my frantic and teary nerves between feeling the barely 62 degree water and the actual swim start).

The long walk to swim start

The long walk to swim start

Thinking about Sean who was so proud of me at the swim start- we just stared at each other and cried. Who could believe that I finally made it to the start line.

Thinking about Olivia who is turning 18 months in 4 days and hoping that when she’s older, she’ll get that doing all this 18 months after she was born was physically and mentally, the most challenging thing ever in my life – and hoping she will believe that she can accomplish anything she puts her heart to.

Thinking about my parents and how thankful I am – somehow they instilled this work ethic that got me out there with the ridiculous amount of hours and early mornings spent in training since February.

This was a training day for many of my teammates – they, unbelievably are training to do double this amount (SERIOUSLY?). For me, this was race day. I’ve wanted to cross that 70.3 finish line for the last two years and today was my day to do that.

The day went by fairly quickly, I talked a lot to myself – out loud (I’m sure people thought I was nuts), I was determined to be positive and have a fun time – I didn’t want to get negative and bitter. My swim and bike portions went well – I really felt so strong, like if I trained for it, I could possibly do double those amounts. Possibly.

I even stayed hydrated really well throughout the whole race – peed on myself 4 times (great sign that I had enough in me to pee – though after washing my shoes, they still smell like a zoo. eeks!)! And who doesn’t like a pee story, really? (PS: I have a great fear of port-o-potties. I would pee on myself any day over stepping foot in a port-o-potty.)

But then the run started – and well, it’s the run. I’m not sure what happened – maybe because I didn’t train well in my run, or I’m just old and my joints have started protesting. But my legs really failed me – my knees, my ankles – they sucked. Those 13.1 miles felt like a lifetime; I had to keep readjusting my time goal because of how slow I was going– the only times I was happy was when I saw teammates along the way, my family, and oh goodness, the greatest friends who surprised me!

2 weeks later…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Racine. I’m finally taking some time to sit down in front of my laptop and write what I’ve been thinking.

Right after the race, on the way home from Wisconsin, I told Sean, “promise me. If I tell you I’m going to sign up for another one, promise me, you won’t let me. Tell me: NO.” Of course, Sean, being the greatest hubs ever, told me, he would never tell me no to something that I really wanted to do. (So, I blame him.)

Well, I want to do it again. Ugh.

What is it? What is it about this that I am so addicted? 2 weeks out and my knees are still pretty sore – I literally walk downstairs sideways – gripping tightly to the handrail. And during, Flo Rida’s “shawty got low, low, low…” at the wedding we were at this past weekend (Congrats, Mina & Susanna!), I looked like an 80 year old trying to get low. Pretty embarrassing. However, let me tell you about my endurance – this 70.3 really trained me well for an entire evening of dancing – at an Egyptian wedding (those ladies can get down).

But, there you have it. Possibly one of the best and worst experiences of my life rolled up in one. I try not to think about the what ifs – if I had more time, more training… it’s like everything in life. When you’ve done it once, you can only be smarter about it the second time around. Right? I’m very motivated by setting goals. And for some reason, me, the girl in high school who got out of PE for “asthma” (I don’t have asthma. I don’t know how I got away with that.) – I finished. I’m not sure there’s anything else to write here – except, I’m really proud of myself. 🙂