My brother, the doctor

On Saturday, my little brother graduated from med school. He officially became a doctor! It’s been a long time coming – I still remember when he began interviewing at various medical schools – and this year he was interviewing for EM residency programs. As his sister, I could not be more proud of how much he has achieved  – as a wife of a doctor, I could not be more impressed with how much he’s grown through 4 very hard years of schooling, practicing, and interviewing.

Imagethe whole fam

It’s been 4 years since S graduated from med school – there are times when I just sit and think about how much we’ve grown and how different our lives are now. With each year that passes, I witness how much more in love S falls with his profession, how much more he learns, and how much better he has become in articulating why he loves what he does. Being a doctor isn’t for everyone – I joke and say, “I don’t love anything that much” – I see how much it takes to be a doctor, how much you have to sacrifice, and how much you have to negotiate and compromise.

I have seen and heard (hours of late night/early morning phone calls) my brother make these same sacrifices and compromises. Of course I hope that as time goes on, he continues to fall deeper in love with his profession and the good he will do with his knowledge and care.

I think there comes a point in an older sibling’s life, when you realize, your younger sibling isn’t so young and dumb anymore. In fact, he’s been much smarter than me for years. When they called out his name and he stepped across that stage – I could hardly contain my tears, my proud screams (all while taking photos, mind you).  He’s had a tough 4 years – especially these last couple months – he is not immune to tragedies, but he’s taken each experience and grown from it.

I am so incredibly happy for him (the doctor, in case you missed that). I am in awe of all that he has accomplished, and so so so proud of him.

As we’ve grown older, our relationship has become very close. People laugh at how similar we think and respond to things. S sometimes calls us twins – and I could not be more proud to be called a twin to this guy.



Imageoh, and here’s a cute photo of O and my dad at graduation for good measure.

 O is incredibly blessed to have such great people to look up to in her life.