a new chapter

it’s been years since i’ve written and shared publicly. here i am, putting ink to paper and hitting that publish button. i’m still not sure how i want to shape this blog – i guess we’ll see as we go. it’ll probably end up being a collection of ramblings of daily life as mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, social worker, athlete-ish, and lover of jesus. [and many more things like, person who gets annoyed easily, person who likes TV a little too much, person who loves to shop and find great deals :)]

. . . . . . . . . . .

Olivia is turning 15 months in a week. wow, has the time flown by. there are days when i wish she’d grow up just a little bit so i can hear her thoughts, there are days when i wish she’d go back to being that itty-bitty baby who needed me for everything. but really, i am loving where we are right now. i never really dreamed of being a mom, i don’t really know what to do with other kids, but i love my daughter. like, love her in a way that i never thought or imagined possible. i’m sitting here in front of my laptop tearing up just thinking about how to express this love. i imagine this is how God loves me and it humbles me. no matter how imperfect O is – boy, is she whiny and super clingy these days [love/hate this at the same time] and when will she learn to say “please”[?!] i could never NOT love her. and i’m WAY more imperfect than my daughter, so…

anyhow, going back to living in the now – i’ve been happy being in this space. i think i’ve always been looking ahead, trying to figure out the next thing for us to tackle. but for the moment, i’m happy to sit here with my feet up as my sweet girl naps.


IMG_2162           IMG_2163

 Chicago weather is finally starting to cooperate and act like spring.

today, i’m so thankful for a community of women and moms to live life with and enjoy the park with our littles. [and of course i only have pictures of O]


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