why he runs…

Most people take on the challenge of a marathon for life goal reasons, personal health goal reasons, breaking records, etc. Joseph Taylor is taking on the challenge of running his first marathon to end HIV/AIDS. You might be thinking, what a lofty and impossible goal. But I know Joseph—he’s been an advocate for years and running this marathon is just another way to “take the fight to the next level”.

Joseph’s running the Chicago Marathon with Team to End AIDS (T2). T2 is an endurance training program that is in its first year of existence. It supports the work of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC); where both Joseph and I work in the housing department!  The AFC is leading the fight against HIV/AIDS and improving the lives of people affected by the epidemic here in Chicago and abroad; through funding prevention, housing, food, advocacy, and medical care programs.

On 10.10.2010, Joseph will be making his way through the great city of Chicago; making a mark for each client and close friend that has been impacted by HIV/AIDS.  His fundraising goal is $2,000; please consider partnering with him in this fight for a world without AIDS.

Visit: his website to make a donation!