bye bye marathon

…for now.

I’ve been having some hip pain for the last 2 1/2 months… saw a doc, got an MRI and now have some more information on what’s going on.  I have a couple of small cysts under the muscle–on top of the labrum and possibly a small labrum tear under these cysts.  I’m not the best person to ask what this all means… I bring Sean to these appointments for the purpose of being my ears and brain (it’s a plus that he understands what they’re saying and asks all the right questions).  The minute I was told what was going on my brain kinda went to mush and all I thought was, “OMG. I have cysts? What are CYSTS and WHY/HOW did I get them?”

There are several options from here on out. BUT, the main issue is what this means to my daily living. NO WALKING, NO RUNNING.  Which leads me to let you all know that I will (SADLY) be selling my marathon spot.  Let me know if you’re interested or know someone who is… I will be posting it on Craigslist soon for best offer (but obviously at least what I paid: $135…) At this point, it’s just not feasible for me to even hope to be able to run this historic race (10.10.10!).


EVEN THOUGH I will not be running this year, I am still going to “bother” you about supporting a charity.  🙂 I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t… so as the weeks and months go by as the rest of the running community is out there sweating and pounding out those miles, I will be featuring people and charities for you to donate towards.  I have had such an AMAZING  support group the last couple of years, I am hoping that you have been saving up and will continue to do good. Instead of being depressed about my situation, I want to celebrate those that have decided to commit to running 26.2 miles for something they believe in. Join me in encouraging and supporting them.



2 thoughts on “bye bye marathon

  1. I wasn’t woo hooo-ing your hip, I was woo-hoo-ing that I got to go read your blog.

    Alice- I’m so sorry- I wish I could make it all go away. :o( I flipping miss you and we need to catch up soon, yeah?


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