quite a while…

wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted on here…

1. Sean matched at UofC for general surgery (our number 1!)

2. Because of number 1. we get to stay in Chicago (YAY!!!)

3. We went on a family vaca to Taiwan… and it was pretty amazing. (Hopefully I get around to writing an entire post about this)

4. Along the road of training for the first half marathon (I was supposed to run it 2 weekends ago) of my running season, I really injured my hip

5. Have an MRI set for next Weds, can’t wait to figure out what the heck is wrong with it.

6. I’ve only run 2 (super short) runs in the last 7 weeks. so depressing

7. Made a (lateral) move within my team at work and I’m super excited!

so… that’s a pretty good summary of the last couple of months! In regards to 4, 5, 6; I might be sitting in the sidelines for this summer’s running season. Hopefully I will find out shortly after this MRI; I will need to sell my Chicago Marathon spot (let me know if you’re interested), but I sure hope I don’t have to sell it. I have such a good idea for the next marathon I run too! 😦

PS. Stay tuned for the next post, I’m looking at changing some things up on here!


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