Almost There

With 3 days till Marathon day, 2 more training miles tomorrow, and $342 left to raise, I’m getting nervous. The forecast is showing high of 45, possibility of snow…morning temperatures are supposed to be at 28 degrees.  Well, this makes things interesting. Considering I have not trained my long distance runs in this kind of weather and more importantly, what am I supposed to wear?

Last’s years worries were the complete opposite! I guess, it’s better that it’s going to be cold and not hot, but… SNOW? REALLY?

Last night was my last PT session before the marathon; I have been working with these girls for the past several months. They have seen me at my best and at my worst.  I went in thinking all I wanted were massages, but now I know “massages” are really torture sessions with lots of bruising, scraping of hidden scar tissues, under-the-breath cursing, and some crying.  But, I’m walking away with a better posture, a looser IT-band, a stronger butt, and new friends that have miracle hands.  I’m not 100% fixed, who knows if I will ever be, but I feel stronger and am optimistic for this run.  I know that without these new friends and especially my PT, Erin, I very literally would not be in this place today.  There were several barriers to getting here; my hip, my hamstrings, my knee, my quads. For a while it seemed like every joint and muscle was taking its turn in hating me.  Don’t get me wrong, the pain is still there.  But I’ve learned that my red foam roller is my best friend, active stretching can help realign my knee cap, taping my knee in place works pretty well to keep my knee cap in its track, and that stabbing knee pain I’ve been experiencing for the past several years means I need to take a break and see my PT.  I have my final session the day after the marathon. I was promised a good rub-down and stretching session… YES. I guess it takes a marathon for them to be gentle.

So, as I am mentally preparing for this run, please consider joining in Team World Vision’s efforts in raising funds to build clean water wells in communities in Kenya.  A little goes a LOOOONG way:


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