Three Hundred and Forty-Four

This is my road to the Chicago Marathon.  With just one week left, I have put in 344 miles; 58 hours and 35 minutes.  There’s no turning back; there’s no more time left for second guesses.  Come October 11, 2009 at 7:30am, the gun will be shot and Frankie and I will make our way through 26.2 miles of gorgeous Chicago.  Even though this is my second time around, my nerves are a bit wired and I can’t stop thinking about just finishing. 

There is just one disappointment: the thought of putting so many miles and so many hours into this and it will all be finished in just seven days.  It’s not that I’m not looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday mornings, giving my knees and hips a break from the constant pounding, walking up and down stairs at a normal pace, changing my diet to a somewhat normal consumption of carbs… BELIEVE me. I’m ready. But, knowing and experiencing all that I have in just these short couple of months, I am torn between wanting to be done and continuing the training…

As time is just flying by, I am getting closer and closer to meeting my goal of raising $3,000 for Team World Vision.  As of this moment, I have received an overwhelming support of $2,375—which makes me just $625 short of my goal.  Thank you SO much for all who constantly support me; whether that is through monetary donations, constant encouragement, prayer, patience, and/or love.  I TRULY have gained much through this experience and I DEFINIELY feel the love.  Please know that as I use up every last source of energy; as I run my body into submission; as I feel the burn in my knees and hips; as I cross that finish line; and as that medal gets placed around my sweaty and spent neck, YOU were a part of it all.  It is only through the partnership and commitment from my supporters that allows these 26.2 miles extend beyond all boundaries and reach the poorest of the poor.  Through your generous donations this year, your dollars will be used in communities in Kenya to help build clean water wells.  Communities like Mutomo, Kenya, where children and families walk over 8 miles a day in search for water (and the water they find is usually contaminated). 

This is why I run.  26.2 miles for Africa; for Mersi; for social justice; for peace; for love; for LIFE.


2 thoughts on “Three Hundred and Forty-Four


    One of my BFFs is training for a marathon and I have been so jealous. I have been “training” for my Master’s degree and my exercise routine has suffered. My goal when I finish school in May 2010 is to create a plan that really works!

    Perhaps you need another goal regarding working out? Something less intense, of course, but something to look forward to when this is over. I kinda know how you feel, in a way. Come May 8, my life will change so much! I will have a life, for one thing!

    All the best, and congrats for all you have already accomplished.

    ~Ms. T. J.

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