peace. love. social justice.

Oh, running… how I can hate you one weekend and then love you the next. Last Saturday, I set out to run 15 miles, made 14 miles and almost passed out. This past weekend, I ran 16 miles at my fastest pace for a long run…ever, and it felt beautiful…like I was made to run.

I decided to push myself this year. I joined a pace group that is faster than what I am used to; I am keeping up on my interval, tempo and long runs; I am doing 2 hours of physical therapy 2 nights a week… I have set a time goal for myself this year and I am going to reach it.

I am running for Team World Vision-for what it stands for, what it does, who it helps and where it reaches. I’m breaking down my own barriers of laziness, physical boundaries and selfishness in hopes to raise funds for TWV. To inspire. And to spark a revolution of peace, love, and social justice.

I was made to run this race. I was made to fight injustice. To stand up for those that are oppressed, poor, disenfranchised. To believe that any positive change is good. To love those that are ugly to the world. And to offer peace and acceptance to the rejected. This is why I run.

Please consider donating to TWV.


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