half way there

With a great 13 mile run under our belts, I think we’re well on our way to completing those 26. You know, at the start of every training season, no matter what you’re training for; the miles always seem so daunting.  But, with some hard work, early mornings, sore joints and muscles, you suddenly realize that just weeks later, you’re almost there! It’s such a great feeling!

As you know, I’ve been dealing with some knee issues since last year’s training, and this year gained some hip issues… B U T – with my new insurance, I’ve been able to go see a doctor for it! YAY! I now know what I have, and what I can do to (crossing fingers) correct the issue.

I had my first session with my PT yesterday and wow, was it painful! What I learned: my running form sucks, I have no hip or butt muscles, foam rollers aren’t foamy, and I’ve been wearing the wrong shoes all these miles (no thanks to FF!).  So after learning and doing some targeted exercises (that kicked my A), I left with HOMEWORK! I’m pretty excited to get this going and fix my knees… maybe this won’t be my last marathon after all.

Please continue praying, sending good thoughts, and whatever else it is that you already do that encourages me so much.  Take a look at my fundraising site too!  www.firstgiving.com/alicewightman


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