16 more weeks to go…

16 more weeks. Sounds like it’s so far away, but I know that the marathon will be creeping its way to me soon! This past Saturday’s run was B R U T A L. Our team runs are starting at 8am for now and changing to 7am after the half marathon in August (who knows why). So what should have been an easy 6 mile run turned out to be horrendous… I guess it didn’t help that my group was running at a faster pace than expected, that, coupled with the blazing sun and humidity did NOT mix well with my body. After the run, Frankie and I immediately jumped into the lake to cool off… running gear and all. It was a fantastic way to cool off!

At one point in the—what should have been short and easy run, I turned to Frankie who was making it look so easy and said, “why the freak am I doing this to myself again????”! His answer: “For Mersi.” For several years now, I have been sponsoring a child through World Vision, her name is Mersi and her family struggles to afford living even the simple life. She is the face to the issue of poverty, her family is the reason why World Vision exists, and their day to day struggles are the reasons why I am running. So in the end, it’s not about me, it’s about the issues. About 68% of Zambians live below the international poverty line. That’s less than $1 a day. And while we are here, yes, in a time of economic decline, budget cuts and unemployment, it’s not even comparable. I can’t even begin comprehending what it would be like to live in a community where children and families are forced to live without the most basic life necessities. I don’t mean to use this to guilt people into taking action. It’s not about guilt, it’s about compassion, love, and justice. Please consider joining me and Frankie in our Run for Life. Visit our site: www.firstgiving.com/alicewightman.


8 miles…take 2

Two weekends ago, what started out as an 8 mile run turned out to be a very painful 4.  Frankie (my brother) and I were out on a beautiful Saturday morning.  What began as a great pre-training run turned as we both were experiencing some intense pain in our knees, his IT band(ish area), my right hip and back.  So, frustrated and kinda cold, we walked back 4 miles to our starting point.

Yesterday, we set out to try those 8 miles again and we were able to run right through them with minimal pain (in comparison to the week before)!  Frankie and I just recently started training together on the weekends.  He signed up for the Chicago Marathon just a few months ago and it has been SO much fun getting to share this with him.

For those of you that know us, you know that we share a pretty close relationship now, but it hasn’t always been this way.  We have definitely gotten closer as we’ve grown older.  Both Frankie and I are a bit competitive in our nature and so I secretly think that part of him signed up for the marathon just to show that if his dumb sister could do it, he could do it too…and better.  Which is just fine with me, because I know that he totally can.  And this way, we get to share in the experience of running for Team World Vision.

Marathon training officially starts today and so I just wanted to share with you what I wrote last year when I was approached by Team World Vision to share my reasons for running.  You can check it out here: MY STORY.  Please also check out our donation site at www.firstgiving.com/alicewightman.  Think about supporting both my brother and I in our efforts to raise funds for children and families in Zambia.