Birthday Month

If you know me well, you’ll know that one of my favorite holiday months is my birthday month(it’s also social work month!). It started as one day, just one day—the best day, March 26, moved onto birthday weekend, birthday week, and this year, I decided birthday month was much more appropriate.

I’m not overly obnoxious about it, in fact, I never announce it, I can totally deal with no recognition from mere acquaintances and not-so-close friends.  It’s mostly something Sean, my bffs, and my family have to deal with.  I’m a HUGE kid when it comes to days that I receive gifts.  It doesn’t matter what it is, in fact, some of my bday gifts this year were my favorite ice cream and chips. I just like the excitement of getting something…even if it’s a phone call!

My obsession with my birthday started in my early twenties, I think. It hasn’t always been like this, in fact, I think the reason why I make such a big deal out of it now is because birthdays have never really been a big deal while growing up.  I think I only have had 3 birthday parties in my whole life, and one was last year and the other two were kind of flops (none of them themed like Sean’s pirate parties).

So, what did I do this year? I had something every weekend for the month of March.

Here’s a round up of my birthday activities for the big 2.6.!
(PS: You may have been a part of my bday celebrations without knowing it! If it cost money, it was a present to myself!)

March 1: Eli’s cheesecake with my parents and Frankie
March 7: Coffee w/Andrea at some German coffee place
March 8: Haircut w/Liz at the Paul Mitchell School (ask for Natalie #7)
March 13-14: NC3 Leadership retreat w/my frieeeends + dinner
March 15: McD’s shakes and a long walk w/Sean
March 22: Birthday dinner with the Wightmans
March 26: Lunch out with Katherine & Cristina & Sean’s surprise gifts: Fav ice cream & chips
March 27: Frankie’s bday gift arrived! Yanni’s Voices CD! & Sean’s delicious home made dinner for my actual bday celebration & night out
March 28: Visit to the Chicago Animal Care & Control center & dinner out w/Sean and Liz
March 30:   Pot Sticker night w/Tabitha & Sonia

So… very down to earth and economical, but packed with awesomeness.  Now that birthday month is over, I’m a little sad.  But I already can’t wait for next year…I’m thinking, birthday month or birthday quarter (3 months!)? Hmmm… Anyways, thanks for all the well wishes, shout outs, phone calls, birthday cards.  It was amazing.


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