the CHICAGO I know and love

I had almost forgotten why I love Chicago. I go through this every winter – Chicago and I have this love/hate relationship.  I love the falls, springs and summers in Chicago, but she hates me in the winter. Why you gotta be so freaking, freezing cold Chicago? Why???  You would think I’d be used to this by now, but without fail, every winter I am frozen with seasonal depression.  Is it just me or did this winter seem even worse than usual?  I was beginning to seriously contemplate moving to another location.  With Sean applying to residencies soon, I thought it would be the most perfect opportunity!

BUT… when I was out for a run yesterday, I almost forgot about the hate part of our relationship. There were so many people outside, 1. it was rush hour, 2. people were playing ball, and 3. random weirdos were doing some weird arm/twirling movements in the grass (it was not tai chi or anything that resembled that).  It was fun watching people and it reminded me how much I love living in the city so I can run down to the lake side.

I believe even Pongo shares in my love/hate relationship with this city.  During the winter he runs out to the back yard, takes a quick poop and pee and speedily runs back in the house.  It’s even hard to coax him to go out for walks, and when that does happen, Sean is usually carrying him back because his paws are too cold and he refuses to put them on the ground.  Since the weather has gotten nice out he sits at the back door and constantly rings that bell telling us he wants to lounge in his kingdom.  He’s such a cute warm weather dog. The other day whilst I went running, Sean took Pongo out to the park and was playing Hide and Seek with him. Sean came back laughing and said that when the Pongs was distracted, Sean would sneakily run and hide behind a tree.  The moment Pongo realized that he hadn’t seen Sean in a few minutes his ears would pop up and he would bolt in the direction that he last saw him!

You might think I’m crazy, but you can ask anyone that really knows the Pongs, he is SO human! He has very human reactions and (I truly believe) emotions!  You know in my work I am always doing home visits after a placement of a child to make sure the family is attaching and adjusting.  Well, I am SO attached to my Pongs and I think I know (on a perhaps very small scale) what it’s like to be a parent. HAHA. Yes, I did just compare your child to my dog.


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