V day

9 days till V day and I’m so excited. and nervous. and scared. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for quite some time now but it’s kind of been on the back burner because I (especially Sean) wanted to make sure I was positively and absolutely ready and sure that I wanted something so permanently etched into my wrist.  It almost happened during Christmas/New Years, but Sean just about had a panic attack…so we compromised and decided on 02.14.2009.

I realize that this is going to be kind of a big deal because it’s just so permanent… I’ve felt some resistance about this idea.  But, perhaps I can clear up any misunderstandings.  There is a stigma that comes with tattooing; we all know what we see in our minds when most people mention tattooing, sometimes it can be something trendy or wanting to make a statement, some people just like tattoos, or for some it might be a drunken accident.  All are fine reasons…

But, for me (& most people I know that have tattoos), this tattoo that I have sketched out means something on a whole different level.   For me, it’s a commitment to peace. justice. mercy. hope. love. It’s oh so permanent, which surprisingly doesn’t freak me out, not even a little bit.  The part that freaks me out, the part that I can’t really think about too much because I might pee my pants, is the getting ink on my skin with a sharp needle part.  I have NEVER liked needles, although, I guess, who really does?  But I vividly remember at the end of 8th grade when everyone needed to get some shot for high school, I kicked my doctor repeatedly because he was getting too close to me with that huge needle.  I’d like to hope that I have gotten better.  But alas, we shall see.

So. Wish me some luck, send up a prayer.  I will show you the end result!


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