it’s official.

Registration Confirmation for:

Dear Alice,

Congratulations! You are now registered for Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Please check the event’s official website for updates:

Congratulations! You are entered to run in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 11, 2009. The Marathon will take place at 7:30 a.m. in Grant Park, Chicago. For additional Race details visit

**Today was the first day to register for the Chicago Marathon.  I didn’t want to take any chances on the race meeting capacity before signing up!  I’m pretty excited about the race; I’m going into it this time knowing exactly what I’m up against.  I do have a goal time this year (I’ll keep it to myself for now) and I also have a fundraising goal ($3,000!!!).  Don’t you worry…I’m not asking for you to donate…yet. 🙂  I am running with Team World Vision again (they were amazing last year!), I’ll need to get some more info on how the donated $ will be put to good this year.

Anyhow, I am really excited.  Hopefully making it official will push me to be more consistent in my runs for the remainder of this horribly cold winter.  If you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, take the plunge! It’s an incredible experience; you’ll push your body to the limits and you’ll come away learning so much about yourself.


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