New Year, New Shoes

New running shoes were well overdue prior to the marathon, BUT, I was a bit too attached and a little short on cash. (haha)  So, I put them on my Christmas list and without disappointment, HERE THEY ARE:

(My new companions for the next couple hundred miles)

dscn6787 dscn67861.

Here are my old shoes:


I’m hoping to start running again more consistently.   My new shoes are the next generation of my old ones, they actually are way better.  Interesting that I can actually tell… I have some shoe inserts too, they help with the cushioning.  My right knee has started to hurt again (probably because I started running again), my left knee is catching up in discomfort.  I’m really hoping that I will make it through this next year (and a few more).  I’m getting excited for running with Team World Vision again.  I have some new ideas on fund raising (+ practiced begging) and can’t wait to have another raffle party with even better prizes!  So… stay tuned.


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