20 miles down. 20 days to go.

With the marathon just around the corner, I am getting more excited and more nervous by the day! Just thinking about it puts butterflies in my stomach…

I’ve heard that if you’ve done 20, you’re ready for the 26.2.  I hope that’s true, because miles 14 through 18.5 were extremely difficult for me on Saturday.  My knee started to hurt from the beginning and it just got worse as the miles added up.  BUT!  I did it—30 minutes faster than last time too!

I’ve been a bit more concerned about the issue of time than I initially was—this journey started out on the mentality to “just finish”.  But, as the weeks and miles have added on, there’s been more thoughts and concern (& pressure) on time.  Now, I’ve never been a fast runner, I kind of have prided myself in the fact that I run slow, but I can run forever… which has obviously, been proven wrong.  I can’t run fast or run forever.  I’m not getting down on myself, it’s just simply the truth.  So, as people around me have been talking about their pace and their overall time, I’ve been getting more and more nervous.  Since I am the queen of excuses, I told myself, it’s because I had to stop training for a month, it’s because I have a real medical condition, but, simply put, I’m just a slow runner.  And you know what?  I’m just going to have to deal with that.  I have no doubt that with some different trainings, I could improve my time, but in the end, it’s not about the time for me.  It’s about setting out a goal to “just finish” and accomplishing just that.

I’ve put my body through some crazy stuff these past 15/16 weeks, I’ve experienced some intense and extreme pain, but I did it anyway.  Why?  I guess part of me needed to show myself that I can do anything I want to (through grace), as long as I stick with it.  I have never been one that has cultivated the essence of longevity.  I’ve gone to 4 different colleges to earn two degrees, I’ve held more job titles and positions than I can really fit on my resume, always thinking that the next one will be better than what I have now… So, I suppose this is what I needed, for myself.

As you can plainly see, running has given me a lot of time to figure out my weird inner workings and thoughts.  I hope I never stop that… thinking deeply and trying to understand myself and the world around me.

So, here comes my nagging plea for your donations to Team World Vision. 🙂 Yes, you can continue to expect it at the end of every running post I write.  With 20 days to go, I only have just over $600 to raise to meet my goal of $2000.  I’m getting closer and closer.  Please, PLEASE help me reach my goal!  You can just click here: www.firstgiving.com/alicewightman


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