15 miles and counting…

On Saturday I ran 15.25 miles! (With bum knees and all!) I am getting more pumped up for the marathon by the day. I ran from my house to lake shore and then all the way up to Belmont and back. The first couple of miles was a bit of a struggle, you know, getting loosened up and all. At Belmont I caught a glimpse of my group running so I ran with them for almost all of the second half of my run… which was PERFECT! (Great site for mapping your runs)

My group is such an encouragement to me. We talked about our injuries (we all basically need new body parts) and about life in general. I have been so self absorbed with my own injuries that I hadn’t thought about the pain that others are enduring. What a great wake up call. I love my group because we all run at about the same pace. And when I am exhausted and starting to slow down, they push me to keep going…

Anyways, this coming Saturday I am aiming for 20 miles with my group. But if I stop at 18, I will still be happy. I’ll keep you posted on that.


One thought on “15 miles and counting…

  1. Alice,
    I just read your previous entries as well and was so encouraged on your journey to recovery. I can identify with the pain right now (another lovely encounter with my IT band) and needed to hear a new perspective. so thank you. keep up the great work, you are awesome and you are going to LOVE that .2 at the end of 26!

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