May 27, 2008

Hi Friends,

Guess what! I’m running the Chicago Marathon in October this year! It is
with honor and great pleasure that I am fundraising for Team World
Vision this year.

Your donation, in support of my efforts, can make all the difference in
the lives of African children and families. A little money can go a long
way to help! Here are some examples: – $25 can provide an orphan care
kit (nutritious food, basic medicines, etc) – $30 can provide basic
health care provisions for one child – $50 can provide adult assistance
and counseling for a vulnerable child – $100 can help build a home for
an HIV/AIDS affected family.

Please think about sponsoring me in my run for LIFE–any donation you
can make is most appreciated! It’s so easy to make a donation, just
click on the link below. It only takes a few moments to make a
contribution that could enhance the life of a child.

I am confident that with your help I can make it to the finish line.
Thank you for supporting me in this tremendous undertaking. When I hit
the road in October to complete my first marathon, I’ll know that you
helped me and many others along the way.

Running for LIFE,
Alice W. (Hwang) Wightman

You can make a donation by clicking one of the links next to the picture
on our page, a link to which is below:

It take a matter of minutes, is totally secure and you can leave a
message with your donation too!


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