August 20, 2008

Hi Friends,

After 4 weeks of not running, I am finally getting back onto the road—hitting grass instead of pavement this time around… and I’m celebrating! 3 whole miles last night! You’re thinking, 3 miles? That must be a typo— T-minus 52 days (and counting) and she’s supposed to be running 26.2 miles!

4 weeks ago while I was running a typical, no big deal, 3 miles, my right knee gave out. So, with my head down, I walked the rest of the way home. That weekend, I went out to the lake shore determined to run my 9 miles, was a mile in and had to drop out of my group and walk (in the rain!) back. That was the most depressing mile of my life.

So during the beginning of my hiatus, I was devastated, depressed, angry, and frustrated. After I had enough of sulking around, I decided to do something about it. Through great friends, a wonderful doctor (thanks Uncle Bill!), an awesome brother, and an amazing husband, I found other ways to get my cardio workout in. During these 4 weeks, I arm pedaled via an invention by Sean, found a great community fitness center (only 15/mo!), spent time doing workouts with great friends, learned how to swim (thanks Frankie!) and realized that I had been relying only on myself to complete this marathon.

Is there still pain? Yes, but it is much more tolerable.

Do I think I can run the entire marathon? I’m not sure. But I am determined to finish; even if that means walking the entire 26.2 miles. I don’t claim to be the best or the fastest. But I am passionate and determined.

With only 52 days to go, I am PRAYING that my knee will be able to withstand just a bit more pounding. HOPING that I’ll be able to remain positive. And I’m THANKING the Lord for each mile that I can run.

This is why I run:


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